Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ebola - the Deadly Silence

While Ebola rages through the Congo with a 65 percent mortality, the news media in the US is responding with a deafening silence. There has been very little discussion of this serious outbreak with 238 cases and 155 mortality reported but some minor media sources. The fatalities include 3 health workers of the over 20 that have come down with the illness.


As of 10 Dec. there are 500 reported cases with 289 fatalities. Women and children account for 90 percent of the reported cases. Also, 49 health care workers have come down with Ebola and there has been 15 deaths among health care workers. A concern is that health care workers are vaccinated. Butembo, with more than 1 million residents, is now reporting cases of Ebola. The response has included vaccinating more than 40,000 people. The is no apparent reporting on how many vaccinated individuals have come down with the illness afterward and there has not been any reporting on how many health care workers who were vaccinated later came down with the illness.

This epidemic is about where the Western African outbreak was on 1 May 2014 and the epidemic did not end until Apr 2016, almost a full 2 years later. The difference is in that the country was not torn by several rebel factions and that aid workers were largely uninhibited by strife and migration. Also, the current outbreak has reached a major population center.

One of the most significant reports is that the CDC has been barred from the area due to the ongoing  political conflict. The ongoing conflict makes it unsafe for the health workers.

However, the real issue surrounding the outbreak is the massive migratory movement which has resulted from the conflict. With over one million already displaced and more tending to flee the area, the potential of the epidemic to spread is serious and the crisis could spread quickly to Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan, as well as other countries. 

The concern here is that this outbreak could easily eclipse the Western African outbreak of 2014 to 2016 where there were  reported 28616 total cases and 11310 deaths. 

Even more important is the suppression of possible alternative cures: see What I would do to Survive Ebola

There are a number of treatments and therapies that show evidence of success in treating Ebola that the medical industry is suppressing over concerns of profitability. They want to claim that these are "unproven therapies which may be partly true but the very reason that they are "unproven" is that they are not being allowed. A big reason for this is that if these therapies has success, then people would start looking at other possibilities for other disease and illness. see: Medical industry prejudice and greed surrounds Ebola Epidemic

So, why should you be concerned? The truth is that every time that there is some new medical outbreak, there is a serious risk of mutation or transformation that results in increased transmission or greater risk of spread. Most people feel that the medical industry will come to their aid but I would not put a lot of stock in this as the medical industry has been suppressing good but less profitable treatments and therapies for over 200 years. see: A short History of Electric Healing

A recent report from Reuters: "Of 120 confirmed Ebola cases in Beni, at least 30 are under 10-years-old, and 27 of them have died," Folks, this is 90 percent mortality and although they have vaccinated thousands, it appears to have no effect on the continuing spread of Ebola.

Any time that profit is more important than the proper treatment of Humanity, the cost to society and the individuals at risk will be disproportionate. see: Medical Inquisition into Medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies

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