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Some truths about cancer

In the 1950s when I was growing up, cancer was rare and you had about a 1 in 30 chance of developing cancer in your lifetime. Now the risk is about 1 in 2, in other words, half of all the people living in the U.S. are expected to develop cancer during their lives. This should bring into immediate question, WHY?

Lie number 1! Because we are living longer ????

In 1950 men lived on the average 65.6 years and women lived 71.1 years, in 2016 it was 76.3 for men and 81.2 for women, if the statement was true then the cancer rate for men younger than 65 years would remain at 1 in 30 and the cancer rate for women younger than 71 years would remain the same 1 in 30 as it was back in 1950. We all know that this is obviously wrong and a complete lie, on top of that, if it was true that cancer has increased because we live longer, then why has the cancer rate skyrocketed in children, including young children? Really, is it because children are living longer?

Lie number 2! We have reduced and eliminated so many other causes of illness ????

Seriously? While sanitation and good habits have helped reduce certain diseases and forms of illness, that would serve only to reduce those causes but not to increase the incidence of others, unless ... unless some of the methods of disease reduction such as vaccinations and medications are actually causing cancer.

Well, yes, it is a major problem that many medications and vaccinations as well are not tested long term to verify that they do not cause cancer. A carcinogen can take many years to cause cancer growth. There are many new antibiotics that are known to cause a wide range of adverse reactions in the short term but there are NO long term studies to determine whether or not these might cause cancer, auto-immune disorders or possibly other conditions such as MS, ALS, etc., also, other things may be causing cancer such as steroids that are given to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Even greater is the concern over vaccinations, which is some cases have actually been proven to cause cancer in humans. In fact, the vaccine producers are so aware of this problem that in the US and in many other countries as well, they have asked for and received immunity from legal recourses.

So, if it is not a problem of living longer and not a problem of reduced deaths from other causes, WHY?

Lie number 3, When doctors start treating you for cancer and you ask 'Why did I get cancer?' Their common reply is 'we do not really know'.

That is nothing but an escape or cover up. The causes of cancer have been known since the 1930's when Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells fueled their growth by consuming enormous amounts of glucose (blood sugar) and breaking it down without oxygen. It was also later discovered that in humans, insulin levels were also a major participant in the process of cancer growth, whereas, normal cellular growth used a different process where oxygen was used to oxidize smaller amounts of glucose to energy in a much more efficient process. While this is somewhat simplified here, it is the basis for the difference between normal cellular metabolism and that of cancer growth.

Lie number 4, When asked 'should I change my diet?', most oncologists reply just eat a normal diet!

The problem here is that through their ignorance about the relationship between nutrition and the development of cancer, they do not even know that the actual foods that you are eating may be part of the cause of the development of cancer. As noted above, cancer thrives on sugars and any food that you eat which may increase the levels of blood sugar can also increase cancer growth and cancer survival while at the same time, reducing your chance of survival as well as reduce your general health. There are foods that should be avoided which are classified as high glycemic index foods and can even include white bread, potatoes, and many other forms of starch or sugar.

Lie number 5, 'even perfectly healthy people develop cancer' NO!

Cancer may start in the body of any person, but if a person is perfectly healthy their cancer is quickly found and destroyed by the immune system. This is important!

True! I repeat, if a person is perfectly healthy their cancer is quickly found and destroyed by the immune system!

Herein lies much of the difference, and doctors are almost completely uneducated in this respect. A healthy immune system will quickly dispatch any developing cancer. The great percentage of doctors do not even realize that an increased blood sugar depresses the immune system! Also, the immune system is depressed by many other things such as improper flora in the intestines, improper levels of minerals such as selenium, magnesium, boron, or even iodine in the body. Even proper levels of Calcium and magnesium are critical to good health, whereas such things as mercury from dental amalgam or vaccines can seriously suppress the immune system, as can aluminum from vaccines. Even fluoride from drinking water or toothpaste can have a very negative effect on the immune system as well as some of the above are also related to mental health issues.

Lie number 6, 'Chemotherapy is effective against cancer' Whoa! That in reality is a big one and in many cases is the result of fingers on the scale.

There are only a very few cancers that chemotherapy actually is helpful with and some studies show that chemotherapy has a mortality rate as high as 50 percent from the chemotherapy alone. One case that I know of personally was diagnosed with cancer and was given 12 to 15 months to live if she did nothing. She was convinced to take chemotherapy, did 1 round  and died in just over 3 months. The chemotherapy definitely killed her but statistically she was listed as a cancer death in the group that did not do chemotherapy. This is one of the slights of hand that they use 'fingers on the scales' to make chemotherapy appear better than it actually is. To be placed into the chemotherapy group, they must be able to finish the chemotherapy. In this way, only the strongest go into the chemotherapy group. And even though someone started chemotherapy but could not finish it, they are placed into the 'other' group, 'did not do chemotherapy' to make the non-chemotherapy group look worse and appear to have a higher mortality. Also, if they determine that a person is too weak or too sickly to do the chemotherapy, or if they are not likely to be successful, they are told that chemotherapy is not an option for them and they get placed in the non-chemotherapy group. If you do not see the pattern of fingers on the scales, then read again.

Much of the same is true for radiation therapy.

Lie number 7, 'Once the therapy is over, you will recover and there is a reduced chance of recurrence.'

If you take chemotherapy or radiation, odds are that you will never completely recover from it, if nothing else, both chemotherapy and radiation will at least compromise if not destroy your immune system. This not only opens the door for cancer to return, but numerous other health issues as well. If you take chemotherapy and the cancer goes away for 5 years but you die of cardiac failure or pneumonia or even the flu, it shows as a cure but it does not show as a chemotherapy caused death. The same is true if you later suffer from either liver failure or kidney failure, no blame on either the chemotherapy or on the radiation.

So, does chemotherapy ever work? Actually, there are a few cancers that chemotherapy can work for but you still face the same risks of death and injury or even long term problems such as organ failure. Also, it should be noted that there are also some people that fare much better. These are the people that go the extra distance and DO NOT follow the doctors orders to eat normally. These are the people who swap to eating the proper vegetables and fruits, who do 1 day or 2 day water fasts, who juice only low glycemic vegetables, especially things such as broccoli, kale, wheat grass, sprouted alfalfa, small amounts of carrot peels ( remember that carrots have more sugar than many other vegetables and the same with beets ). Do not completely ignore meats, eggs, and fish. All have nutrition that is valuable to the body that can NOT be obtained from any vegetable source.

Have all of your vitamin levels and trace minerals checked. Have your hormone levels checked. Why? Hormones in the proper levels do boost immunity. If you are over 40, especially look at your Melatonin levels and your DHEA-S levels. In fact, if you are younger that that and are struggling, check them any how.

The Most important thing that your doctor probably does not understand?

Doctors, with the very little knowledge that they are given on nutrition, diet, and health ( that is right, doctors are not actually taught what good health is. ) are only told that these things have a normal range. They are NEVER taught about OPTIMUM health, OPTIMUM nutrition, OPTIMUM hormone levels. Really, isn't that what you really want and need? Optimum health for optimum lifespan!

So, what works against cancer?

If you take a look at societies and cultures around the world, there are some specific groups that have lower cancer rates than others. What do these people do to reduce cancer occurrences? One notable habit is monthly water fasting for a full 24 hours. Another is 12 hours minimum between the last food at night and the first food in the morning ( NO midnight snacks ), Fresh home grown foods, spicy diet with lots of peppers, onions, tumeric, etc., non-processed foods, and water that comes from a good clean source with a good mineral content.

As a note, one of the things that people often discuss about chemotherapy is that it tends to make them too sick to eat for a day or two. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that it works for the ones who do have success, forced fasting?

These things should be a good start.

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