Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mandalay Bay Shooting

What happened at the Mandalay Bay shooting was a horrific event that demands a solution to the problem of mass killings. While I do not care much for Jimmy Kimmel, I did watch his comments about the killings and gun control as well as his plea to Congress to do something. At best, Jimmy made it clear that he is not well informed about the 2nd Amendment. He thinks that it is there to protect the rights of hunters which is nothing more than folderol.

To this point, the media has spent a lot of time trying to convince people that this is the worst mass murder in US history but that is far from the truth. They refer only to the use of guns while the actual worst events did not use guns. This in itself, shows an anti-gun bent in the media. Most actually used bombs or fire.

For this discussion, I am leaving out some major terrorist attacks such as 9-11-2001.

I will include the Oklahoma City bombing of the A.P. Murrah Building that resulted in 168 deaths and over 680 non-fatal injuries. This event utilized a truck containing explosives made from a regular fertilizer that while less easily obtained, can still be found.

Then there was the Boston Marathon Bombing which killed only 3 but injured hundreds. The terrorist bombers used pressure cooker bombs.

However, Julio Gonz├ílez (born October 10, 1954[1]) was a Cuban-born warehouse worker who was  responsible for the arson that started the Happy Land Fire that killed 87 people in the Bronx, New York City, on March 25, 1990, one of the largest mass murders in United States history.

Then there was Andrew Philip Kehoe (February 1, 1872 – May 18, 1927) who was an American farmer and treasurer of his township school board. He was notable as a mass murderer for killing his wife, and 43 other people (including 38 children), and injuring 58 other people by setting off bombs in the Bath School Disaster on May 18, 1927

While the media and liberals want to blame guns for the violence, they are sadly mistaken. Guns are only the tool that has so frequently used and a lot of this is the actual result of the media and surrounding publicity. If they did not have guns, they would resort to other tactics and tools.

The fact is that Steven Paddock was a man who had extensive resources and could have caused an even greater toll if he had used something other than guns. There were 22 thousand people in that arena and he could have conceivably cause a 50 percent mortality. What should be known without a doubt is that several of the guns that he used were 100 percent illegal already. Making guns illegal does not work for criminals who do illegal things and who have no concern for the pain and suffering that they cause to others. Complete outlawing of guns does not work either.

Possibly, Steven Paddock felt or knew that he was going to die and just decided to make sure that his name was remembered. Perhaps, he was just in mental anguish and was lashing out. Maybe he was on SSRIs as most other mass murderers were. He might have even been angry with government agencies such as the IRS. Perhaps he converted to Islam during one of his foreign visits and thought that he was promised a bunch of virgins. There are many possibilities as to the reason and we may actually never know.

By the way, Jimmy Kimmel, to help you get over your ignorance, The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is there to insure that the populace can overthrow the government should it become oppressive. It has nothing to do with the right to hunt.

So, I submit the following to Jimmy Kimmel and others who want guns removed or controlled. I challenge you all to come up with a solution that actually works. You must specify each step and show that it would actually prevent mass murders and not just force deranged people from selecting an alternative method. I submit that there is no gun law that could have been passed that would have stopped Sandy Hook, the Virginia Tech shootings, the killings at Pulse Night Club, or the Mandalay Bay shootings. These individuals were committed to killing as many people as possible and there is nothing and I mean nothing short of an act of God that would have stopped them.

My solutions:

#1 Make SSRIs illegal or more tightly controlled. 90 percent of all mass murderers ( other than terrorists ) were on SSRIs or had recently stopped taking them. There are natural substitutes: Tryptophan and sunlight, among others that do not cause problems.

#2 Kindness and goodness are badly missing. There is a lot of bullying and persecution of people who may not be as well or as well off as others. This can cause a lot of built up anger and resentment.

#3 Liberals are not allowed to own or possess guns, almost every mass shooting was by a person with liberal tendencies ( please don't take this seriously as it is just a poke although it is true ). It would not work anyhow as people who wish to kill are going to break the laws to suit their own motivations.

#4 As a note, I have never heard of a true follower of Jesus committing mass murder. Someone might mention Eric Robert Rudolph, also known as the Olympic Park Bomber but he was absolutely not a true follower.

What we need is healing, goodness and kindness towards other, at all times, not just in times of need.

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