Monday, July 17, 2017

Zapper Success fighting Sepsis

A short while back, I posted an article, Dying of Sepsis and Septicemia .I find it strange in a way that I have been put in a position where I was placed into having to test this theory out. I have long known that the zapper could reach and reduce or even stop an abscessed tooth or jaw from personal experience but I have heard comments that the zapper could not reach a deep infection. This is my own personal experience in "off-label" usage of this product and is not offered as proof of anything other than my own experience and it is not a recommendation that anyone else should try this.

I woke up on last Thursday morning with a severely swollen left foot that was burning, red, and itching. It was so swollen that I could not even move my big toe. At first, I thought that maybe it was a bad case of athlete's foot because my feet had been wet continuously for several days due to all of the recent rain. However as the day wore on, the swelling and burning became worse. After examining my foot again, it looked like blood poisoning from an infection, including spreading red streaks and blotches on my foot. It appeared to be coming from deep inside of my foot. I also started developing a slight fever.

I thought back over the last couple of weeks and remembered that about 10 days back, while feeding my ducks, I had stepped on a hawthorn branch and a thorn that was almost 2 inches long had pierced my foot. I did clean it, applied peroxide but apparently the cleaning was not deep enough.

I also began to feel woozy in addition to the low grade fever, low energy so I stopped work and decided to zap. I had a ParaZapper UZI handy so I grabbed it and used it for one hour in mode 1 ( Rife 2 kHz mode ), placing my left foot on one of the copper pads and held the green wire pad in my right hand. Zapped for one hour continuous, after which there was some slight reduction in swelling and I felt a bit better.

I will state here that colloidal silver or antibiotics would have been chosen if they were available to me, but I would have also zapped. I viewed this infection as being very serious and was aware that if allowed to continue, it could be deadly or result in the loss of foot or even leg. As bad as the infection was at this point, I would have been in the hospital within 24 to 36 hours.

Later Thursday night, although symptoms did not appear to be advanced, I did not notice any significant reduction in the swelling and burning and red streaks were still obvious so I zapped again for 1 hour in Mode 4 ( Rife 660 to 880 Hz ), again using the ParaZapper UZI-3 right before bed. Mode 4 feels stronger and appears to work somewhat better in this situation. Went to sleep and rested well. Zapped again on Friday . This time, I used the UZI-3 again, but in mode 2 ( Clark 30 kHz mode ) because there is less noticeable sting and burning. I used 2 by 3 electrodes, 1 under the sole of the left foot and the other was on my right hip, then taped them in place and zapped while I worked for about 5 hours. My big mistake was not using wet paper towels under the electrodes which resulted in skin burns. I zapped again for 1 hour on Friday night before bed,

I felt better when I awoke Saturday, but the swelling was only down a bit. Took our 6 dogs our for their daily walks and afterward, noticed an increase in swelling and burning as well as more spreading redness. Saturday afternoon, I zapped again for 7 minutes in mode 3 ( 15.2 Hz ) and then 1 hour in mode 4. This helped again but after thinking about it for a while, I remembered that in her later books, Dr. Hulda Clark recommended that in serious conditions, you should zap for 8 hours or longer.

After dinner, I removed the electrodes and cleaned the areas up, noticing a slightly reduced swelling and slightly reduced redness. After showering, I reapplied the electrodes using wet paper towels under them this time, taped them down by wrapping the left foot and left calf with Blue painters tape with the electrodes underneath. The foot electrode was placed on top of the foot this time instead of under the sole. Saturday night, I zapped for about 1 hour in mode 6 ( MX mode ) and then for the remainder of the night in mode 2.

Sunday, when I removed the tape and electrodes, much of the redness was gone and the swelling was not as bad. Out of the woods? No, I still felt the infection is in my blood and notice a heavy burden of toxins from the destroyed microbes. I reapplied the electrodes, this time using 4 of the 2 by 4 inch copper pads ( bottom of left foot, right leg calf, left arm - all positive and negative on right fore-arm ) with wet paper towels, wrapped with plastic wrap over them, and again taping them down. Zapped from noon to about 7:30 pm.

Again, conditions seem to have improved. At bedtime, I reapplied the electrodes with wet paper towels, wrapped in plastic wrap, and taped it all down with blue painters tape. Monday morning, there was significant improvement.

The swelling was down considerably on Monday and now able to move the big toe where previously, it was so swollen, it could not even be moved. Just to be safe, I put the zapper back to work Monday, about 5:00 pm. Placed a positive 2 by 4 pad on top of the infected left foot and one under the arch of the same left foot as well as a green negative pad on the inside of the calf of the left leg. This is so that I could concentrate all of the energy especially on the left foot and lower leg. Turned the UZI-3 on and set it to 30 kHz. I selected the 30 kHz because the pulses do not feel as strong but at the same time, there is more high frequency energy produced.

The main point of this is that this bad of an infection is very unlikely to go away on its own and in reality was most likely to have spread up the leg and throughout the body very quickly. An infected deep puncture wound will frequently result in amputation of the infected limb or even death if not caught quickly enough. Also, it is important to note that while in some cases, 1 hour zapping may be sufficient, a serious case such as this may need 8 hours or more. As a rule, I always repeat the same processes bout 24 hours later.

For many years, I have been aware that missionaries often buy zappers to carry with them into remote areas for situations such as this, where antibiotics and other usual resources may not be readily available. This may make these products the perfect tool for a missionary in the field. These water purification devices are also often carried by safari guides.

One thing that is seriously needed is some good studies to evaluate just how effective something like the ParaZapper UZI-3, CC2, or MY-3 might be as a tool for saving lives in the fight against sepsis and septicemia. The death toll from infections is all too high and every tools possible should be tried. When lives are at stake, there is no room for the petty bureaucratic agency interference. When there is a need for humanitarian exemption for such off-label usage, it should be available without the need for lengthy filings or delay.

Note: Due to the electrode pads becoming misaligned with the wet paper towels, I received a significant skin burn where the negative electrode touched the bare skin. Caution is advised for anyone who might try experimenting with this.I strongly suggest that anyone who uses these type devices, for their own safety and well being, use wet paper towels or cloths under the pads and that these should be large enough to avoid skin contact should the electrodes move.

Why are these types of device not used by doctors ?

As far back as the 1750's, John Wesley,the  founder of the Methodist Church correctly explained 'if society had to wait on the physicians to try electrical healing, society would wait in vain.'

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