Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dying of sepsis and septicemia

Almost any infection can turn into septicemia ( severe blood infection ) and result in a condition of sepsis which is why infections should receive immediate and continuing care. Even something as simple as a tooth infection or jaw infection can result in death if not properly addressed.

Mortality from septicemia can range from 10 percent to over 80 percent, depending on the extent of the infection when treatment is started. Standard treatment is antibiotics, which can be slow in response, even when given by injection. In some cases, antibiotics are not effective and this is because of an increasing resistance of many microbes to a broad range of antibiotics.

While the medical profession claims to be seeking new ways to fight this problem, the truth is that they are only looking for ways to make more money. The reason that I say this is that there has been a solution for over 150 years that the medical profession tries extensively to suppress. I wrote about this a couple of years back in "The Electric Cure" but did not go into full detail.

The reasoning that they use is that they want a solution that is guaranteed to work, every time, in every case. So? Antibiotics are not that good. They often fail. Another solution that I have suggested is discussed in "The Silver Spoon" and involves colloidal silver because silver solutions have been successfully used for hundreds of years.

The thing that brought all of this up is a video that I saw on youtube,  BLOOD INFECTION – Spooky Central and Parazapper

 The video producer discusses two potential products that may be very helpful in fighting sepsis and septicemia as well as infections in general but have not been tested for use on humans.

The consideration that is probably most important, is if you were facing a serious infection, how likely is it that a doctor would try these methods. I suspect that they would never consider it because of peer pressure and negative influences from the pharmaceutical industry. So what it boils down to, is the question of are you going to be able to get one of these devices quickly enough if you ever need it?

ParaZapper is not sold for use on humans but is available for studying the killing of microbes in water. More about the zapper. My personal experience with a deep puncture wound infection

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