Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cholesterol is not the problem and statin drugs are not the answer

Statin Drugs

Statin drugs have been prescribed for some time to treat clogged arteries and to help alleviate high cholesterol and some blood pressure issues. Sadly these drugs cause a lot of problems and generally fail in their goals of saving lives.

The reason that statin drugs fail is that cholesterol is certainly not a problem. Actually, the body is using cholesterol to try solving another problem.

The real problem is the fraudulent and misleading recommendations for vitamin levels. In particular, we need to consider increases in vitamin C and D as well as several others. One vitamin in particular can possibly add as many as 10 to 20 years to healthy lifespan.

The cholesterol problem

What happens is that the arteries and capillaries tend to develop cracks and fissures, especially as we age. These cracks and fissures can be a real problem and must be quickly repaired. One way to make these repairs is to use a glue composed of, yes you knew it, cholesterol and added thrombin ( which helps form scabs ).

That is exactly why researchers find a lot of cholesterol in clogged arteries, it is a glue that the body uses and intends to keep there to stop internal bleeding.

Vitamins help

So, where does the vitamin problem come in?

Vitamin C is used by the body to make collagen which is important as a connective tissue to hold tissues together. Collagen needs to be frequently replaced in the blood vessels, so if there is insufficient vitamin C, weaknesses are going to occur. This can be seen in bleeding gums, easy bruising, and other signs of weakened blood vessels.

So, the problem of cracked arteries can be alleviated by taking reasonable dosages of vitamin C frequently. Yes, frequently, as vitamin C has a half life of about 3 hours. If you take 1000 mg of vitamin C at breakfast, more than half is gone by lunch and 90 percent is gone by dinner. For this reason alone, smaller doses taken several times a day is better.

Generally, I like 1000 mg first thing in the morning followed by 500 mg every 3 to 4 hours. That way, you will never be severely deficient in vitamin C. I do know that there are some who recommend taking much larger doses, even up to what is called bowel intolerance ( yellow diarrhea ) and this may have it benefits.

Regardless of how much you take, it is better to not be deficient and it is extremely hard to overdose on vitamin C.

The medical authorities would have you believe that cholesterol is a bad thing but the truth is, it is one of the most important things that keeps your cells and body living. In fact, people with higher levels of cholesterol tend to have longer life spans. Think about the idea of your body not having enough cholesterol to fix cracked arteries. Also, cholesterol is the basis of most of the important hormones in your body that creat youth, vitality, and sexuality. See the cholesterol chart in Wikipedia.

As for correcting cholesterol problems, I feel that at least for most people, taking full flush Niacin is a far better solution.

Please see: Vitamins save lives  and http://zapperdave.blogspot.com/2014/06/metabolic-metabolism-metabolize-and.html

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