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What I would do to survive Ebola or most any other viral illness if I was on my own

Surviving Ebola

The medical industry wants your money and for this reason, they perpetuate the idea that you can not survive an illness such as Ebola without their help and that you must have things such as IV fluids, kidney dialysis, and plasma transfusions from other Ebola survivors in order to survive Ebola.

This is of course, ridiculous, and there have been many options proposed by various parties that are felt would increase your survival rate and speed your recovery as well.

According to recent information from the CDC, the recent outbreak of Ebola began in West Africa in 2014 and is now considered the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Approximately 11,300 people had died in the outbreak, with 28,652 suspected and confirmed cases of the virus reported through April 2016.

Even worse, the new outbreak in the Congo, the second this year, Has reached the vicinity of Beni and Butembo with a population of nearly one million, The consequences could be devastating for much of Africa as there are major trading hubs and are not as isolated as the previously affected countries in West Africa. Instead of thousands, this could reach into the millions.

There is no Cure for Ebola, it is a virus which must run its course. However, there are things that may reduce the over all damage and may possibly shorten the course of the illness.

Among these things are:

Colloidal silver
Grapefruit seed extract ( GSE )
vitamin C
vitamin D3
Hydrogen peroxide
Rife therapy

While this list is not entirely complete, let us take a look at each of these items.

In order to stop any disease or illness, it is important to understand the progression of the disease and the processes that cause damage to the body. With viral illness, there is an incubation period, during which the virus may go almost completely without being noticed. During this period, symptoms are rare or very mild. This can be a period in which one might just feel a slight "blah" feeling, possibly an itch in the corner of the eye or a slight twitch in the nasal passages, or a passing slight chill for a moment. In order to have the maximum effect on reducing the extent of the illness, this is the time to take action. After these first symptoms are noticed, they may subside and there are few symptoms for the next few hours until the full blown infection hits.

Those early symptoms are from when the first wave of the virus infection breaks out and then after that, the virus starts to invade new cells all over the body. If you take action immediately when the virus breaks out, there is an opportunity to kill a lot of the virus or stop it from invading new cells which can reduce the over-all progression of the illness. Once the infection is full blown, a lot of damage is already done.

Following is a list of alternatives and some information about possible usage. I can not make any claim that these would have any effect on Ebola or any other illness or disease because there has not been any studies to prove or disprove this. My only claim here is that this is what I would do if facing this peril.

ParaZapper is an electronic pulse generating device that has been shown to literally rip microbes to pieces ( in water based environment ) and is something that I have used for many years. It produces LVPEF ( Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Field ) frequencies that are relatively mild and of a safe voltage and current level. At any symptom of approaching illness, it is my very first choice for help. This does not mean that seeing the doctor is not important, only that this is what I consider to be a valuable first aid device.

Colloidal silver is safe and easy to use. Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a disinfectant and as an antibiotic and it was the antibiotic of choice before the discovery of penicillin. Since the advent of biological antibiotics, the use of silver has fallen by the wayside. However, the pharmaceutical industry would like to keep silver away from the public and uses scare tactics such as stories of people turning blue and toxicity claims. I have taken colloidal silver and find that, at least for me, there are positive health benefits. I would certainly use it for any viral or bacterial illness. I believe that the Nano form of colloidal silver is best.

GSE ( Grapefruit seed extract ) is definitely something that can show positive benefits against viral illness such as the flu virus so there is no reason to doubt that it would not be of at least some help in fighting Ebola or other viral illness.

Salt Since Ebola is a disease that causes extreme loss of salts through diarrhea and vomiting, there was a claim at one point that Ebola could be stopped by taking a lot of salt. Sadly, this was a misplaced notion and taking too much salt can result in a speedy death on its own. There is a need however, to replenish the lost minerals that are passed from the body in cases of diarrhea or even in cases of extreme sweating. For this reason, some salts and certain metabolites should be added to water as discussed below.

Water is rapidly depleted from the body in many diseases that are associated with diarrhea such as Ebola. If the body becomes too dehydrated, the organs will begin to fail, especially the kidneys, so, it is imperative that lost water be replenished as quickly as possible. If this is to be accomplished in the early stages, it will be necessary to drink water in very copious amounts. Since diarrhea and sweating also carry out significant amounts of minerals, these need to be replenished at the same time. You will need, not only salt ( sodium ), but you also need potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the correct amounts, in addition to simple sugar ( dextrose ) for energy.

Vitamin C is a substance that is necessary for normal metabolic functions in the body. If there is not sufficient vitamin C, this causes a lot of different problems including weakened blood vessels that can crack and leak. This in extreme cases can result in hemorrhaging. Because the Ebola virus can cause the body to use up a lot of its vitamin C, this has been suspected by some to be a part of the cause of hemorrhaging that occurs in many cases of Ebola. In order to reduce the level of hemorrhaging, it has been suggested by some that taking large doses of vitamin C can help. With this I agree and additionally, the truth is that it is almost impossible to get an excess of vitamin C. It is highly unlikely to cause any harm and is very likely to produce positive benefits. A point that I will make here is that taking vitamin C with other viral illnesses such as influenza, helps to reduce the extent of the illness and to speed recovery. It is important to take vitamin C every couple of hours as it is depleted quickly. Also, if fighting a hemorrhagic fever, I would probably try to take 1000 mg to 2000 mg every hour of the day. Just my choice.

Vitamin D3 is not just a strong anti-viral, it is actually a natural steroid that assists in many body functions. Individuals who have high levels of vitamin D are far less susceptible to viral illness than those who have low levels. It is important to build up vitamin D3 before illness strikes but for some, taking larger than normal doses of D3 can reduce the extent of viral illness. During the winter months, I frequently take from 5000 IU to 8000 IU a day. It is a good thing to have your blood levels checked and to check the liver enzymes when taking dosages as large as this.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is a required nutrient that is important for the health of the circulatory system as well as for the entire body. Taking sufficient Niacin can keep the arteries and capillaries in good health and help prevent a number of circulatory problems, including hemorrhaging. It is important to take the real, full flush niacin, as the others do not produce nearly as good of results. The fallback on this is that niacin will produce real flushing, especially for the first few days. Studies have been done with participants taking as much as 3 grams a day. It is important to check the liver enzymes when taking niacin. Watch the whites of the eyes for any sign of yellowing or graying.

Ozone has been used externally and internally by many to fight microbial infections and ozone is similar in action to hydrogen peroxide which is actually naturally used by the NK ( natural killer ) cells to attack foreign microbes in the body. Ozone, however, can cause complications so its use should be carefully considered. It can attack the body's own cells so use care. Regardless, when facing possible death from Ebola or other severe viral illness, perhaps ozone might not be such a bad choice.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually naturally used by the NK ( natural killer ) cells to attack foreign microbes in the body. Many people take diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide to fight illness and it is growing in popularity. However, just as with ozone therapy, there is a trade-off that needs to be considered. Hydrogen peroxide can also attack the body's normal health cells if it is in sufficient concentration. Again, as with most other therapies discussed here, taking hydrogen peroxide is less extreme than the ravages of Ebola viral disease.

Rife therapy has been around since the 1920's and is increasing in popularity. This method uses frequencies that are transmitted through the body through a plasma tube and amplifier or through radio waves from an antenna. This method is a favorite alternative for many and is rapidly growing in popularity. The drawback is that these machines are expensive, costing from $2000 and up for a decent one. Absolutely avoid many of those less expensive ones between $800 and $ 1500 as while they may imitate some aspects, they do not meet the important specifications. Most important is the accuracy is 0.05 percent or better and that the resolution is in Hz, not kHz ( kilohertz ) as also used by such as Rife Digital. They are not the same. Find a good one such as the GB-4000 or the BCX Ultra. If you can not afford these, then consider the ParaZapper MY-3. Some naturopaths and health food store may offer these by the hour for a reasonable price. Rife machines are not accepted medical devices and are not approved by the FDA. While I would not make any effectiveness claims for these products, I would be using one for whatever benefits it might present. There is no record available of any injury caused by one of these devices.

LVPEF is Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields that is in some ways like Rife therapy except that these devices use contact pads to transmit pulses that can be shown to kill bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other microbes in water. Compared to Rife machines, these devices can be inexpensive, costing between $200 and $500 in many cases. Anyone buying these devices should study carefully before choosing as some sellers do not know what they are talking about. Others flat out misrepresent their products or offer accessories that actually do not work, such as food zappicators. These devices are generally known as zappers and these devices are not accepted medical devices and are not approved by the FDA, While I can not make any effectiveness claims for these products, I do frequently use certain models of these for whatever benefits it might present. There is no record available of any injury caused by one of these devices. My current favorite is ParaZapper MY-3, due to its accuracy and reliability.

MMS, is not my first choice, but having Ebola is potentially a desperate situation that calls for desperate measures. MMS is better known as the miracle mineral solution is chlorine dioxide which without a doubt, can destroy many microbes that are exposed to it on surfaces. It is used as a disinfectant and works very well as such. The consideration that it is a very harsh chemical makes one wonder if it should actually be taken internally but there are many who do so every day. This would not be my first choice of a product to take, but believe me, if I was at serious risk of dying from Ebola or any other viral disease, I would not hesitate to use it. This is despite the possibility of long term side effects.

So, my choice for surviving Ebola? Observe and practice healthy living practices such as frequent hand washing, avoid places where such illness might easily be contacted, maintain good health through good nutrition and supplementation. If exposure is suspected, I would immediately start dosing colloidal silver and GSE. If even the slightest symptom were to appear, I would immediately and repeatedly use my zapper as well as Rife therapy, and start an electrolyte and water replenishment therapy with significant amounts of water ( as much as 2 gallons a day ) with electrolytes and glucose ( Gator Aid is a good commercial form ). If things progressed, I would likely resort to Hydrogen peroxide therapy, then to MMS, and possibly IV-ozone if things were getting real bad. I would also chose IV-C doses of 50,000 mg daily. The electrolyte solution is probably the most critical of all of the above steps. Dehydration is the major cause of death as it brings on organ failure and significant amounts of water is required to flush toxins out of the body and to keep the kidneys properly working.

My oral re-hydration solution:

3/4 teaspoon of sea salt ( table salt can work but is not as good in my opinion )
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ) acts as a pH buffer
1/4 teaspoon of "No Salt" potassium chloride
1/8 teaspoon of Epsom Salt ( magnesium sulfate ) Note: Epsom Salts might provide an actual increase in diarrhea but is an incredibly important mineral source.
1 gallon of distilled water ( deionized water can work )
20 teaspoons of sugar 

A person would need sufficient to provide an average of 2 gallons of diluted solution per day for about 10 days or possibly 20 gallons total to avoid dehydration. It is important to prevent dehydration from occurring because once it is started, it is difficult to reverse without IV re-hydration.

Also, chicken broth can be especially helpful as it seems to have some kinds of anti-viral substances in it. My wife makes ours home-made using left over chicken and bones, and then cans it. This provides calcium and other minerals as well.  Also, a beef bone broth can be helpful as part of the re-hydration plan.

The Medical Profession does not use any of the above methods except for the re-hydration therapy.

Also from the medicine cabinet:

Imodium AD, Kaopectate, and Pepto-Bismol can help to reduce the diarrhea and fluid loss.
Dramamine can help to reduce nausea.

and some herbal assistance:
Powdered Ginger and Ginger tea can help reduce vomiting and nausea.
Cinnamon Tea: use 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder in 1 cup boiling water, strain, and sip for nausea.
Mint tea is one of my favorites: Place 1 tablespoon dry leaves in 1 pint hot water for 30 minutes; strain and drink. 

An interesting video from someone else: MY Remedies for the Upcoming Epidemics

I pray that you or I never need to try this but I offer it just in case.


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