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Medical industry prejudice and greed surrounds Ebola Epidemic

More Medical industry prejudice and greed surrounding Ebola Epidemic

I have written several times in the past about how the WHO, Doctors Without Borders, Samaritans Purse, and other health aid organizations are embedded in the profit oriented drug and vaccine businesses and are only interested in trying things that support this industry and its profits.

The WHO, however, appears to have shot itself and this entire regime in the proverbial foot with Ebola. According to the NY Times, "Earlier this week, a W.H.O. expert panel ruled it ethical to try some experimental drugs to fight this outbreak" This is logical and what I have been calling for for some time. However, this action apparently opened a can of worms for the drug industry because, again, according to the NY Times, "some supplement makers have implied that ruling constituted permission for use of their products".


Ethical considerations for use of unregistered interventions for Ebola virus disease (EVD)

especially where it states: ethical criteria to prioritize the use of unregistered experimental therapies, which the FDA has blatantly obstructed by blocking the delivery of substances such as colloidal silver and nano silver.

Also, it should be pointed out that: the panel reached consensus that it is ethical to offer unproven interventions with as yet unknown efficacy and adverse effects, as potential treatment or prevention.

As a result of this, the country of Nigeria has ordered and will use a product called Nano Silver, which is similar to Colloidal Silver' on 8 patients who have tested positive for Ebola. This sadly, is the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries second worse nightmare. Colloidal Silver is a supplement with known antiviral properties and likely has a better chance of stopping the Ebola epidemic, and stopping Big Pharma's cash cow of research grants, than anything the medical industry has.

The medical industry is up in arms about this and has shown their true colors. Almost immediately,  according to the NY Times, "a top W.H.O. official emphasized that it did not." meaning that the ruling did not constitute permission for any alternative, only for the pharmaceutical industry to seek big profits and research money.

Update:  Following is evidence that the use of generic anti-viral drugs significantly reduces mortality from Ebola yet, where do you hear about this? These are cheap but definitely effective drugs that have been suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry controlled news media. There is reasonable cause for investigation into either murder, manslaughter, or genocide.

Ebola in Freetown Area, Sierra Leone — A Case Study of 581 Patients... 

According to the NY Times, "Late this week, both the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration issued strong warnings about false Ebola cures. The latter threatened American companies with penalties if they continue making such claims." 

The FDA and other agencies are coming out in force to try to stem the use of alternatives which proves beyond a doubt that they are not interested in a cure but only in promoting profitable drugs and vaccines.

A perfect example of this is the promotion of statin drugs to treat Ebola although they have little or no antiviral properties and there are alternatives such as IV-C and Full Flush Niacin that are better at doing what statin drugs do, cheaper, and safer.

One of these alternative products is ParaZapper MY-3 zapper which kills a wide range of microbes, apparently in any water based environment and so probably in the human body. While not tested for Ebola, this device works so effectively that it has the potential to stop a viral illness like Ebola in a matter of hours rather than days that are required for drugs to work. ParaZapper works video

This is the pharmaceutical industries greatest nightmare, for a LVPEF device like ParaZapper MY-3 to be tested and shown to stop Ebola and other viral illnesses. See: ParaZapper MY YouTube video

What the public needs to understand about the current health care industry is that profit is king and saving lives is only a byproduct. Otherwise, they would encourage trying products such as colloidal silver and ParaZapper MY to stop people from dying of Ebola. The medical has a long history of trying to suppress these inexpensive but effective products.

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