Friday, June 20, 2014

Medical Inquisition into Medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies

The public puts its faith into a small group of individuals and companies to keep it healthy and safe. Whenever problems arise and even preemptively, to avoid potential health problems, people rely on their doctors to provide the proper solution and good advice. In turn, the doctors rely mostly on their pharmaceutical reps for guidance and instruction on the best current methods of medical practice.

The sad truth of this is that these pharmaceutical reps are in the business to make the most money possible. As a result, they are far more likely to promote a product that is going to provide them with the best paycheck. Sometime, this is a drug that is actually less effective than another but the ongoing promotion provides a big bonus for increased sales. Other times, there are non-pharmaceutical agents that actually work better. It is the job of the rep. to defame and discredit that alternative if it is brought up.

The doctor is often left out in the cold in regards to nutrition, vitamins, and alternative therapies. Most doctors even admit this whenever a patient suggests an alternative or mentions something that they have read or heard. Since the pharmaceutical rep is the doctors source of information and the rep would not want to discuss any of these in a positive light for several reasons, the doctor remains uninformed. Doctors rarely spend any significant time researching these things themselves.

What is even worse, is that this situation goes all the way back to medical school because the medical schools are basically controlled and significantly funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The discussion of nutrition, vitamins, and supplements is very limited and almost always in a negative way, if presented at all.

Once a doctor has finished medical school, they then go through a phase of clinicals and internships, basically on the job training where they are further indoctrinated in the use of drugs and standard practices. Any suggestion of nutrition, vitamins or alternatives during this phase is severely frowned upon and can result in the doctor politely being not asked back. 

Once the doctor has acquired his or her license, the indoctrination continues in the form of reward for conforming to the wishes of the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors are given free samples for distribution to patients which helps keep the patients returning. Additionally, there are incentives such as weekends away or even 2 week long vacations where the doctors attend short lectures at some very posh resorts as a reward for prescribing certain volumes of specific drugs regardless of whether or not they are the best drugs for the condition being treated.

My point here is that this is one of the broken parts of our medical system. Your trust is placed in an industry that is gripped by financial incentive. You may not actually be receiving the very best health care that you expect because of the influence of the drug industry over the medications that you are prescribed. In some cases, you may be prescribed drugs that you really do not need at all. In other cases, you may need a drug but may be receiving an inferior drug because the rep and the doctor have been financially convinced to promote a particular drug.

To illuminate this point, I am working on an article that I have previously written about but want to expand on where a vitamin that costs $6.00 a month is proven to work better than the $100.00 a month pills that the doctor pushes on you. You will never hear about this from your doctor and this is one reason that the US lags behind over 37 countries in lifespan and other mortality statistics. Add three additional vitamins to this one and you have almost no risk of heart attack or stroke from coronary blockage.

What is needed in the US is a congressional inquiry into the pharmaceutical and health care industry. They did it back in the 1960's with the radio and music industry yet they have ignored this problem ever since then. We pay the highest health care costs in the world so why do we not get the health care that we deserve?

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