Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chickungunya - still spreading across the Caribbean and the world

According to a post today in, the number of Chikungunya victims already totals 77,320  across the country, as 20,382 new cases place the rate at 745 per 100,000 population.

This disease is not normally fatal but from sources who have experienced it, it can make you wish that you were dead as the pain can be excruciation and very debilitating. In some cases, the debilitation can be very long term in effect.

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The cost of a product such as ParaZapper MY, which according to some users, has the potential to be helpful in reducing the intensity and duration of this type of illness, is very high proportional to the income of most of those who become ill with this disease. Perhaps one solution might be a neighborhood sharing of cost or possibly sharing among family members. These types of products, while not proven, are about the only alternative treatment available and can be obtained through some local naturopathic doctors or ordered over the internet.

One important point to note, it is necessary to use these types of devices when symptoms first appear or the effectiveness diminishes. It appears that these devices stop the spread of microbes but they can not undo any damage that has already been done. I would plan to have a zapper in advance of the appearance of symptoms and I always take a zapper with me when I travel. I carried my zapper with me on my last trip to the D.R. and will on my next visit, just in case. You can even build a basic zapper for yourself with just a few electronic parts. It will not be as good as the best multi-frequency ParaZappers that are available today but it may just help.

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