Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chikungunya - Contorted in Pain

Chikungunya fever  is a highly communicable disease and while not normally fatal, it can cause excruciating pain. The name, Chikungunya. is derived from an African word that loosely translates as “contorted with pain or twisted in pain or that which contorts”. Symptoms typically begin three to seven days after being bitten and include fever and severe joint pains, often in the hands and feet. This debilitating illness is transmitted by mosquitoes and has now appeared in the southern United States. With the coming of summer and the proliferation of mosquitoes in this rainy part of the year, an epidemic is quite likely.

The most common symptoms of chikungunya are acute, high fever and intense joint pain. An infected person can also experience headaches, muscle pain, swollen joints, and/or a rash.

Most patients with chikungunya begin feeling better within a week or so and a few may experience joint pain for several months. Some cases result in persistent arthritis like symptoms. The people most at risk for more severe cases of the disease include newborns, adults over 65 years, and individuals with underlying medical conditions.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine and little else that the medical profession can do to help with this disease except to give fluids and pain relievers. Since there is not any medical treatment available to treat this illness, it would be my personal choice to use a ParaZapper CC2 or better as a best hope of killing or slowing the virus. While it has been visibly demonstrated that these devices are clearly capable of killing microbes such as protozoa, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and possibly others in water, an effectiveness on killing virus has not been demonstrated to date. This is because there is not a microscope available that can visibly show a virus that has not already been killed. There are many anecdotal claims that at least support the idea that the use of these LVPEF devices needs to be investigated for the purpose of stopping diseases and illnesses.

At the first symptom of illness, I will use a good quality Hulda Clark ParaZapper. While not scientifically proven and not sold for use on humans,  many users who have tried these products off-label believe it is an effective anti-viral that should be studied and allowed by the FDA. There are over 80 pages of information about the zapper at .

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