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Medical industry prejudice and greed surrounds Ebola Epidemic

More Medical industry prejudice and greed surrounding Ebola Epidemic

I have written several times in the past about how the WHO, Doctors Without Borders, Samaritans Purse, and other health aid organizations are embedded in the profit oriented drug and vaccine businesses and are only interested in trying things that support this industry and its profits.

The WHO, however, appears to have shot itself and this entire regime in the proverbial foot with Ebola. According to the NY Times, "Earlier this week, a W.H.O. expert panel ruled it ethical to try some experimental drugs to fight this outbreak" This is logical and what I have been calling for for some time. However, this action apparently opened a can of worms for the drug industry because, again, according to the NY Times, "some supplement makers have implied that ruling constituted permission for use of their products".


Ethical considerations for use of unregistered interventions for Ebola virus disease (EVD)

especially where it states: ethical criteria to prioritize the use of unregistered experimental therapies, which the FDA has blatantly obstructed by blocking the delivery of substances such as colloidal silver and nano silver.

Also, it should be pointed out that: the panel reached consensus that it is ethical to offer unproven interventions with as yet unknown efficacy and adverse effects, as potential treatment or prevention.

As a result of this, the country of Nigeria has ordered and will use a product called Nano Silver, which is similar to Colloidal Silver' on 8 patients who have tested positive for Ebola. This sadly, is the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries second worse nightmare. Colloidal Silver is a supplement with known antiviral properties and likely has a better chance of stopping the Ebola epidemic, and stopping Big Pharma's cash cow of research grants, than anything the medical industry has.

The medical industry is up in arms about this and has shown their true colors. Almost immediately,  according to the NY Times, "a top W.H.O. official emphasized that it did not." meaning that the ruling did not constitute permission for any alternative, only for the pharmaceutical industry to seek big profits and research money.

Update:  Following is evidence that the use of generic anti-viral drugs significantly reduces mortality from Ebola yet, where do you hear about this? These are cheap but definitely effective drugs that have been suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry controlled news media. There is reasonable cause for investigation into either murder, manslaughter, or genocide.

Ebola in Freetown Area, Sierra Leone — A Case Study of 581 Patients... 

According to the NY Times, "Late this week, both the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration issued strong warnings about false Ebola cures. The latter threatened American companies with penalties if they continue making such claims." 

The FDA and other agencies are coming out in force to try to stem the use of alternatives which proves beyond a doubt that they are not interested in a cure but only in promoting profitable drugs and vaccines.

A perfect example of this is the promotion of statin drugs to treat Ebola although they have little or no antiviral properties and there are alternatives such as IV-C and Full Flush Niacin that are better at doing what statin drugs do, cheaper, and safer.

One of these alternative products is ParaZapper MY-3 zapper which kills a wide range of microbes, apparently in any water based environment and so probably in the human body. While not tested for Ebola, this device works so effectively that it has the potential to stop a viral illness like Ebola in a matter of hours rather than days that are required for drugs to work. ParaZapper works video

This is the pharmaceutical industries greatest nightmare, for a LVPEF device like ParaZapper MY-3 to be tested and shown to stop Ebola and other viral illnesses. See: ParaZapper MY YouTube video

What the public needs to understand about the current health care industry is that profit is king and saving lives is only a byproduct. Otherwise, they would encourage trying products such as colloidal silver and ParaZapper MY to stop people from dying of Ebola. The medical has a long history of trying to suppress these inexpensive but effective products.

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Ebola and the Medical Community

Ebola and the Medical Community

I think that it is important for you and others to be aware of this issue even if you may not agree with the information or in the way that I present it. I think that it is important to pass some new information to you as it may save your life or the life of someone that you know.. 

As you know, there is an epidemic of Ebola in Africa that keeps spreading and they can not seem to stop it. If this continues, this may reach a point of no return, where the epidemic gets completely out of hand and becomes a pandemic. In this case, with a 60 percent mortality rate, there could be many millions of deaths all over the world. The very sad thing is that there are things that can help fight and possibly even cure this and other hemorrhagic fevers, that the medical profession flat out refuses to consider.

Both you and I would think that the health professionals who are in charge of stopping this potentially disastrous event would do anything and every thing that was humanly possible to stop it and save every life possible.

Because I believe that one of the products that I sell, could have potential to provide some protection against this disease, I decided to see if the people in charge would give some consideration to trying it.

I contacted a wide range of organizations, starting with Doctors Without Borders, Samaritans Purse, the CDC, and some Government officials in the currently affected areas. The response that I received from Doctors Without Borders and similar or related agencies was in a way shocking. They very explicitly will not even look at or even consider anything that is not mainline pharmaceutical. They are only interested in producing a vaccine or an antiviral and will not even consider the alternatives, no matter what the evidence is to support them. The CDC did accept our phone number but there has not been any follow up from them. We also received a response from Samaritan's Purse and they will "pass on" the information which is beyond the consideration provided by others.

The appearance to me is that these groups such as Doctors Without Borders are more interested in preserving the status quo rather than saving lives. They are definitely more interested in fund raising than in a cure. If you go to their site, there is hype about what they do and encouragement to donate.

If the pandemic does break out and it does come close to you, let me provide you with some information that might save your life.

First, silver dissolved in water has been used for hundreds of years to treat and successfully cure many diseases. See: Sadly, only those with plenty of money, the well to do, could afford such expensive treatment. Today, colloidal silver is cheap and readily available. The problem is that you need to start taking it well before you become at risk of infection. As with many drugs, it takes time to build up in your system. I believe that by taking colloidal silver before you become ill, you can reduce your mortality risk from 60 percent down to possibly 10 or 20 percent. This means that out of every 100 people who become infected, 80 to 90 might survive, instead of only 40 which is the current survival rate.

Please note that do I not have any investment in colloidal silver and am not financially involved.
However, I do sell LVPEF ( low voltage pulsed electric field ) devices that can be easily shown to kill many microbes in water based systems. Since the human body is water based, there is potential that it might also kill these microbes that invade the human body. Personally, I believe that these devices if properly used to treat this disease, can be over 90 percent successful and can be effective almost immediately, which is why I so strongly support this type of device. I do not do this for the money, but in hopes that it will somehow help humanity and reduce suffering. Unfortunately, these products are not FDA approved for treating any illness or disease and are not sold for such use. You can buy them and use them as you wish.

Information and scientific studies:

The following advertisement from a well respected producer of colloidal silver has a couple of important links that shows the extreme that the government and various agencies go to in their effort to hide the truth from the public for the sake of profit.

You also might want to read:

One of the most devastating aspects of these hemorrhagic fevers is that they cause the capillary walls to weaken and this can lead to profuse bleeding. There are two vitamins that I know of that can help strengthen the capillary walls and significantly reduce the risk of bleeding. These vitamins are Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid ) ( see: ) and Vitamin B3 ( Full flush Niacin ). Both of these are protective of the capillaries and the entire circulatory system in general. It is absolutely important to understand that you will not just need a couple of vitamin pills a day, but instead, you need massive doses of both vitamins and that you should be taking them in advance of any sign of illness. 

Please note that large doses of vitamin C can cause temporary bowel problems, including diarrhea. Also, most vitamin C is now made from GMO corn so take that into consideration.

Also, anyone who takes large doses of Niacin, in any form, should have their liver enzymes monitored. A small percentage of people can not tolerate niacin and can develop jaundice.

More information:
and at:

Whatever you may think, there are at least 2 or 3 major epidemics or pandemics that are likely to hit the developed world in the near future, Ebola is one of those as is Chikungunya and also Dengue, both of which are spread by mosquito bites. People who use colloidal silver, zappers, and take larges doses of vitamin C and Niacin will consistently tell you that they fare better when facing illnesses than those who do not use them. When looking for zappers, ParaZapper multi-frequency/multi-mode zappers are generally considered to be the most advanced and most effective at killing microbes.

While none of the above is perfect, they are better than anything that the medical industry has to offer and should give anyone an edge on surviving any hemorrhagic fever viral illness.

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Lyme Disease - Hitting the Bull's Eye

Lyme - Hitting the Bull's Eye

The Bulls Eye of Lyme

A few years back, Lyme disease was far less known and many doctors did not even recognize the existence of this disease. Today it is far more widespread and as a result of prior ignorance and neglect by the medical profession there are now a number of people who suffer from permanent disability. These disabilities are not only physical but also neurological in nature.

The illness is caused by a spirochete bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, and is spread through the bite of the deer tick

My personal experience with Lyme began about 2004 when I was bit on the abdomen by a tick. I felt something on my belly and upon checking found a tick. Using the hot match head trick, I convince it to let go and crushed it. While Lyme is usually transmitted by nymphs, the one that bit me was an adult. I did not think much of it until a few days later, I developed a bulls eye pattern of red rash around the place where the tick bit me. The really odd thing about this is that I lived in the deep south and was told that Lyme did not exist in our area. What I had supposedly was Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI) which is caused by Borrelia lonestari and is actually considered in many cases to be worse than Lyme. Hmmmpf!

At the time, I was developing the first ParaZapper MX model zapper so, out of curiosity, I decided to see what would happen. I placed the red wire paddle over the infected area and zapped for an hour and later that evening, I zapped again, using the MX, copper paddles and footpads for another hour. For the next 5 days, I zapped again once daily for 1 hour, mostly using the red wire paddle directly over the rash area which quickly started to disappear and was gone within 3 days. Just as with antibiotics, I would not stop just because the symptoms went away. Soon after that, I was discussing this with a customer who had a similar experience. They informed me that I should read the book "Lab 257" and soon after that I did.

The problem is that no matter how you treat Lyme disease or STARI for that matter, the sooner that you start treatment the better that you can expect to fare. Also, do not stop treatment too soon as this can have a negative impact. I will say that antibiotics are the preferred treatment, so you should see your doctor immediately whenever symptoms appear.

I did not have any further symptoms so I feel fortunate.

The rash will go away on its own, but sadly when this happens, it is not over. In many cases, a week or so later, many cases will develop into flu like symptoms that can turn into a genuine reign of terror for your body and even your mind. If not properly treated and eliminated at the first symptoms, the bacterium spreads throughout the body and starts attacking the cells in the body.

(Ixodes scapularis) or the western blacklegged tick (Ixodes pacificus). The disease was not known to exist in North America until 1975 when it most likely escaped from the BioWarfare disease experimentation Laboratories on Plum island ( which is only a few miles from Lyme, Ct where the disease was originally found ). Although the life cycle usually involves deer, the primary reservoir is mice.

So, should I get tested for Lyme?

The problem with the tests to verify Lyme disease is that they only work once much of the damage has been done. They do not detect Lyme in its early stages when treatment is most effective and most important. Sadly, many doctors will not prescribe the right antibiotics unless they can prove that you actually have Lyme. Many people have been caught in this run around and suffered devastating consequences.

The real problem is that while B. burgdorferi reproduces very slowly, it has the ability to migrate deep into tissues, into connective tissue , cartilage, and even the crossing the blood-brain barrier. The longer that the delay is in taking action, the more places that this bacterium can find to hide and cause damage. Once the bacterium has settled in to areas that may offer protection from antibiotics, it becomes increasingly difficult to treat. This microbe is stealthy enough that once settled into the body's tissues, it can take on a form that is resistant to antibiotics as well as to the immune system. Because of this, once the disease reaches a late stage, long term antibiotic treatment helps but is never 100 percent effective. This is why some people feel that you can never eliminate the disease completely.

According to the recent information from the CDC, there are now about 300,000 new Lyme disease cases a year. Lyme, along with West Nile Virus, and several other diseases that have apparently spread from Plum island are perfect examples why governments of the world, including the US government should not be messing around with biological warfare agents. If you were not aware, B. burgdorferi was first spread through eastern Europe by Germany during World War II by dumping infested ticks out of aircraft.

I am so lost, what can I do?

Contact your Congressman and Senator as well as the FDA and tell them that you want a study on using Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields to kill bacteria such as B. burgdorferi. LVPEF (Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Fields) devices such as ParaZapper CC2, ParaZapper UZI-3, and ParaZapper MY-3 can kill many different microbes in water in as little as a few minutes to an hour or two. While there is no known reason why they can not do the same in humans or animals, they are not FDA approved for such use and therefore, any such use would be considered to be "off-label" use.

You can also join a petition and read the comments that others have posted at .

It should be noted that Lyme disease has a number of issues in common with MS (Mutiple Sclerosis) and as a result, the diagnosis of one may actually be a result of the other.

The use of LVPEF for killing microbes to aid in healing would be a tremendous public benefit and the studies to verify the validity of this type of product is important to the public.

Although I have published this, it is a work in progress.Check back for updates if you like.

Recommended reading:

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Germ Laboratory by Michael C. Carroll

"Parasite Zapping and the Zapper"  a book about using the zapper is available at

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Metabolic, Metabolism, Metabolize, and Long Life, What is the Importance?

According to the Bible and some other ancient sources, men used to live as long as 800 years to 1000 years or more but lost that long life span to the point to where in general, we now have a limit of about 120 years of maximum life expectancy. The average is now 80 years plus or minus a few.

What has happened to change this can only be guessed at but I have some good information.

In my previous posting, Medical Inquisition into Medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies , I discussed the topic of medicines, drugs, nutrition, and vitamins in relation to healing, immunity, and life span. This page is an explanation of a couple of important issues to further explain some aspects of being healthy and living long so that you might be able to understand the difference.

We frequently hear the terms metabolism and metabolic syndrome and understand that they have some relevance in health and in particular to weight gain, but what is the real significance?

Metabolism is specifically the biological process of building and tearing down as well. Any living organism, in order to continue living, has to build most of the necessary proteins such as enzymes, co-enzymes, precursors, hormones, and many structural components that hold the organism together. Some important things might just be absorbed from the food sources but others must be manufactured. It is the process of metabolism that builds these components.

An important example is a substance known as ATP. This particular component is used in every cell to transport energy to power various processes. ATP basically carries an electron, a form of electrical energy and releases it in the form of phosphate, when it is needed.The body uses massive amounts of ATP so that it must be constantly recycled.

Another substance of importance is used to produce ATP is referred to as NADH. This is important because the name of this is Nicotine Adenine DiHydride. So wait a minute you might say. Nicotine? Is that not the same thing in tobacco that is addictive and causes problems? Well yes, and it has a lot to do with metabolism but do not worry, this is not a tirade on smoking or tobacco.

Nicotine has many forms and some are beneficial such as nicotinic acid, the true Vitamin B3, and nicotinamide, which is often used as a substitute in many cheaper brand vitamins. The importance of nicotinic acid is that it is easier for the body to metabolize into the necessary components for the body to handle where Nicotine itself is more stable and is harder for the body to metabolize. The real issue is that nicotine, nicotinic acid, and nicotinamide all compete for the same receptors and for the same processes. 

What this comes down to is if you have a lot of nicotine in your body, it interferes with the production of NAD and subsequently with the production of NADH and subsequently ATP. When your body is deficient in these substances, it can not build other important substances as quickly or efficiently.

In simple terms, your body does not get repaired as quickly or as well as it should. It ages much faster. Often, it will also make you feel tired and less active.

What do studies show us?

1) People who use nicotine age faster than others who do not. Just look at a 40 year old who has never smoked next to one who has smoked for the last 20 years. The difference is obvious. Additionally, a lifetime smoker lives about 20 years less on the average.

2) People who take large doses of Nicotinic Acid live longer and experience a significantly reduced risk of mortality, about 90 percent over a 10 year period.

3) People who take nicotinamide instead of nicotinic acid do experience some reduced mortality but the effect is nowhere near that seen when using nicotinic acid.

Based on this, most people are deficient in Vitamin B3 and as a result, their metabolic functions are impaired and their lifespan is reduced.

I am submitting an estimate here that if you took 250 mg of full flush niacin four times daily starting at age 30, that it would add at least 10 to 20 years to your life. I am not talking about just living longer but being much healthier. There are several reasons for this that will be discussed in a following article.

We need to understand that Vitamin B3 is the basis of the energy carrier in our body. This means more energy, better immunity, greater strength and endurance.

Important! There are some individuals who can develop liver problems from taking too much Niacin. While this is a very low percentage, have your medical professional monitor your liver enzymes.

This is not the only important vitamin, I offer it as an example of just what vitamins do, how important vitamins are and why they are important. I hope to follow us shortly with another page soon.

Do not bother with the vitamins on the store shelf, you really need the real thing.

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Medical Inquisition into Medicine and Pharmaceutical Companies

The public puts its faith into a small group of individuals and companies to keep it healthy and safe. Whenever problems arise and even preemptively, to avoid potential health problems, people rely on their doctors to provide the proper solution and good advice. In turn, the doctors rely mostly on their pharmaceutical reps for guidance and instruction on the best current methods of medical practice.

The sad truth of this is that these pharmaceutical reps are in the business to make the most money possible. As a result, they are far more likely to promote a product that is going to provide them with the best paycheck. Sometime, this is a drug that is actually less effective than another but the ongoing promotion provides a big bonus for increased sales. Other times, there are non-pharmaceutical agents that actually work better. It is the job of the rep. to defame and discredit that alternative if it is brought up.

The doctor is often left out in the cold in regards to nutrition, vitamins, and alternative therapies. Most doctors even admit this whenever a patient suggests an alternative or mentions something that they have read or heard. Since the pharmaceutical rep is the doctors source of information and the rep would not want to discuss any of these in a positive light for several reasons, the doctor remains uninformed. Doctors rarely spend any significant time researching these things themselves.

What is even worse, is that this situation goes all the way back to medical school because the medical schools are basically controlled and significantly funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The discussion of nutrition, vitamins, and supplements is very limited and almost always in a negative way, if presented at all.

Once a doctor has finished medical school, they then go through a phase of clinicals and internships, basically on the job training where they are further indoctrinated in the use of drugs and standard practices. Any suggestion of nutrition, vitamins or alternatives during this phase is severely frowned upon and can result in the doctor politely being not asked back. 

Once the doctor has acquired his or her license, the indoctrination continues in the form of reward for conforming to the wishes of the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors are given free samples for distribution to patients which helps keep the patients returning. Additionally, there are incentives such as weekends away or even 2 week long vacations where the doctors attend short lectures at some very posh resorts as a reward for prescribing certain volumes of specific drugs regardless of whether or not they are the best drugs for the condition being treated.

My point here is that this is one of the broken parts of our medical system. Your trust is placed in an industry that is gripped by financial incentive. You may not actually be receiving the very best health care that you expect because of the influence of the drug industry over the medications that you are prescribed. In some cases, you may be prescribed drugs that you really do not need at all. In other cases, you may need a drug but may be receiving an inferior drug because the rep and the doctor have been financially convinced to promote a particular drug.

To illuminate this point, I am working on an article that I have previously written about but want to expand on where a vitamin that costs $6.00 a month is proven to work better than the $100.00 a month pills that the doctor pushes on you. You will never hear about this from your doctor and this is one reason that the US lags behind over 37 countries in lifespan and other mortality statistics. Add three additional vitamins to this one and you have almost no risk of heart attack or stroke from coronary blockage.

What is needed in the US is a congressional inquiry into the pharmaceutical and health care industry. They did it back in the 1960's with the radio and music industry yet they have ignored this problem ever since then. We pay the highest health care costs in the world so why do we not get the health care that we deserve?

Report of suppressed cure for HIV

Continue with 

Metabolic, Metabolism, Metabolize, and Long Life, What is the Importance?

Also please read Vitamins Save Lives . It should be good information for you.

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Zapper works - more proof!

New Breakthrough Study published:Retrospective surgery study of the therapeutic effectiveness of MORA bioresonance therapy with conventional therapy resistant patients suffering from allergies, pain and infection diseases PDF download.
by Eckart Herrmann, Michael Galle
Published in European Journal of Integrative Medicine 3 (2011) e237–e244

In this study, Bio-resonance was used and compared with Bio-resonance and zapper usage combined on post surgical patients.

This study showed significant efficacy of both MORA and using the zapper as an adjunct.

More information about studies supporting usage of the zapper at 

Zappers work and can save lives yet this technology continues to be suppressed  by the medical establishment.

Also, more information at zapper

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Chickungunya - still spreading across the Caribbean and the world

According to a post today in, the number of Chikungunya victims already totals 77,320  across the country, as 20,382 new cases place the rate at 745 per 100,000 population.

This disease is not normally fatal but from sources who have experienced it, it can make you wish that you were dead as the pain can be excruciation and very debilitating. In some cases, the debilitation can be very long term in effect.

See my previous post:

The cost of a product such as ParaZapper MY, which according to some users, has the potential to be helpful in reducing the intensity and duration of this type of illness, is very high proportional to the income of most of those who become ill with this disease. Perhaps one solution might be a neighborhood sharing of cost or possibly sharing among family members. These types of products, while not proven, are about the only alternative treatment available and can be obtained through some local naturopathic doctors or ordered over the internet.

One important point to note, it is necessary to use these types of devices when symptoms first appear or the effectiveness diminishes. It appears that these devices stop the spread of microbes but they can not undo any damage that has already been done. I would plan to have a zapper in advance of the appearance of symptoms and I always take a zapper with me when I travel. I carried my zapper with me on my last trip to the D.R. and will on my next visit, just in case. You can even build a basic zapper for yourself with just a few electronic parts. It will not be as good as the best multi-frequency ParaZappers that are available today but it may just help.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chikungunya - Contorted in Pain

Chikungunya fever  is a highly communicable disease and while not normally fatal, it can cause excruciating pain. The name, Chikungunya. is derived from an African word that loosely translates as “contorted with pain or twisted in pain or that which contorts”. Symptoms typically begin three to seven days after being bitten and include fever and severe joint pains, often in the hands and feet. This debilitating illness is transmitted by mosquitoes and has now appeared in the southern United States. With the coming of summer and the proliferation of mosquitoes in this rainy part of the year, an epidemic is quite likely.

The most common symptoms of chikungunya are acute, high fever and intense joint pain. An infected person can also experience headaches, muscle pain, swollen joints, and/or a rash.

Most patients with chikungunya begin feeling better within a week or so and a few may experience joint pain for several months. Some cases result in persistent arthritis like symptoms. The people most at risk for more severe cases of the disease include newborns, adults over 65 years, and individuals with underlying medical conditions.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine and little else that the medical profession can do to help with this disease except to give fluids and pain relievers. Since there is not any medical treatment available to treat this illness, it would be my personal choice to use a ParaZapper CC2 or better as a best hope of killing or slowing the virus. While it has been visibly demonstrated that these devices are clearly capable of killing microbes such as protozoa, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and possibly others in water, an effectiveness on killing virus has not been demonstrated to date. This is because there is not a microscope available that can visibly show a virus that has not already been killed. There are many anecdotal claims that at least support the idea that the use of these LVPEF devices needs to be investigated for the purpose of stopping diseases and illnesses.

At the first symptom of illness, I will use a good quality Hulda Clark ParaZapper. While not scientifically proven and not sold for use on humans,  many users who have tried these products off-label believe it is an effective anti-viral that should be studied and allowed by the FDA. There are over 80 pages of information about the zapper at .

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MERS in America, will it become a pandemic?

With the realization that we now have a second case of MERS ( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ) in the United States, should we be concerned? After all, the great American Medical Machine has kept most of us appearing safe for the last 50 years, right?

We have not had the massive deaths that were experienced during the influenza epidemics of the 1800's or especially like the one of 1918. We have not had the rows upon rows of Iron lungs of the 1930's and 1940's.Our life span has stretched from the mid 40's to approximately 78 years average. With all these accomplishments, you might think that our health care system is at the forefront and is a reliable source of protection from epidemics.

Perhaps we should look again? You may not be aware, but the U.S. lags behind many countries in lifespan, even behind some former communist block countries. That is right, we are actually below 40th in lifespan and not just lifespan, but many other aspects of health care.

So, what is going right that is keeping us from these epidemics? First, and foremost, sanitation is one field where we excel at protecting life. We know to wash our hand frequently ( some of us more than others ), sneeze downward, and properly dispose of trash. We also have, in general, a very clean water supply.

It is sanitation that has reduced the influenza epidemics, not vaccines which rarely actually work, and it was sanitation that has stopped the spread of polio and many other debilitating diseases. The reductions of epidemics here in the US and other modern countries is not the result of medicines, vaccines, antibiotics, or of good medical practices.

As an example of this, in the late 1940's, we became aware that polio was an intestinal inhabitant and that it spread through fecal contamination. Once this was known, the incidence of contamination went down because hands were washed immediately after changing diapers or visiting the toilet. By the time that the Salk vaccine was introduced, cases of polio were already on a significant decline. Don't get me wrong, I am certain that the vaccine helped, but the pamphlets that they passed out telling you how important it was to wash hands was a significant step. Thank you Ignatz Semmelweis!

Throughout history, we have had people who stepped ahead of time and offered us what we needed to know in order to save lives. There are people here today and some who have recently passed that have offered us the opportunity to live better and longer lives but frequently, they are met with redress and scoffing or even flat out persecution. They are people like Royal Rife, whom if we had followed and helped, likely would have come closer to the elimination of cancer than Salk has done with polio. People like Hulda Clark who tried to teach us about the importance of eliminating toxic substances from our lives and bodies as well as eliminating parasites that take a serious toll on our lives.

It is hard to listen to these voices when the mainstream medical system calls them frauds and con artists which is what mainstream medical does whenever its comfort and profits are jeopardized. This is what happened to John Wesley, founder of the Methodist church, during the 1750's because he introduced the use of electricity as a healing aid to the poor people of England and was so successful that his operation grew and expanded to three clinics despite the effort of mainstream medicine to shut him down. The clinics were finally closed only after his death at the age of 88 years, beyond what most can expect to live today. John Wesley credited much of his longevity to the use of electric therapy.

Back to the subject of epidemics and pandemics, if you are counting on a vaccine to save you, do not hold your breath. The current influenza vaccines are a miserable failure, quite possibly causing more injury than any illness that they prevent. Of course, mainstream medicine is not going to let you see those miserable statistics.

Just think about it. Since 1972 when Nixon declared the "War on Cancer", cancer has only gotten worse. It used to be about a 1 in 20 chance of getting cancer, then 1 in 10, now they say 1 in 2. We are spending billions of dollars every year and going backwards! Why? What they do not want you to know is that a major part of this is vaccines which are contaminated with some virus that normally infects other animals. Vaccines are produced in the cells from monkeys, rabbits, pigs, and other animals that all have their own virus threats. These virus particles and their viral RNA or DNA can not be eliminated from the vaccines. They are known contaminants and contribute to many of our current diseases.

Hulda Clark in her book "Cure for All Disease" ( which can be downloaded for free ), explained that we need to cleanse our bodies of toxins that result from our modern living, and to eliminate parasites from our body which distract our immune system. If you are not aware, parasites include bacteria, protozoa, and fungi, as well as worms and other yucky things that we would rather not acknowledge. A parasite is any organism that needs a host or uses a host organism for its survival. Everyone has parasites! Period. You hear the commercials about acidophillus in yogurt being necessary for intestinal balance? Lactobaccillus acidophillus, while living in our intestines or even on our skin, is a parasite. Yes, we do need certain parasites to help keep us healthy. We will not survive without them.

However, any time that some parasite becomes too abundant in our body or the wrong ones take over, then serious problems arise. This can happen, for example when we accidentally get some water up our nose or in our mouth at a lake, river, or even at a chlorinated pool. Depending on what organism is present, we can become very ill. The same can happen from improperly cleaned drinking glasses at a restaurant, improperly cleaned tableware, or even ice made in a machine that is not kept routinely cleaned. These are environmental sources of the wrong parasites that can make us very ill.

We can also get worms from undercooked meats, improperly washed organic vegetables ( they are fertilized with manure after all ), or even uncooked seafood such as sushi. You can also get certain worms from mosquito bites. As a point, humans can get heartworms from a mosquito that has bitten a dog or a cat that has heartworm larvae in their blood. There are many more examples.

Back to Dr. Clark, as she had read about the work of Royal Rife, Bare, Lakhovski, Bob Beck, and many others and studied further finding that certain organisms had specific resonant frequencies. These organisms can be detected by their frequencies and they can be damaged by constantly ringing them at their resonant frequencies. She also found that in many cases, this ringing did not have to be exact but the application of repetitive pulses was often sufficient to destroy these microbes. As a result of her work, she introduced a device known as a zapper to produce these electric pulses.

It was immediately proclaimed by the medical profession that it was a scam and did nothing. They pursued and persecuted Dr. Clark and tried on several occasions to convict her. While she did agree to a couple of minor charges, and agreed to stop promoting and selling zappers, she was not convicted.

It was too late for the medical powers that did not want this zapper out. The people who used the zapper were impressed and told others. The demand grew by leaps and bounds and new companies stepped in to produce these zappers and soon, new improved versions started showing up. The FDA and the FTC have stepped in and shut down almost every company in the US that manufactures or sells these zappers, but there is one leader who is still fighting to keep these available, if only for other uses. There are still many foreign companies producing similar but possibly not as good of quality.

The problem is that today, it is known that these zappers work and how they work. Almost anyone who has health problems and has researched alternative health is familiar with some forms of electro-therapy and zappers in general. There are cheap ones and most of them actually have some positive benefit and there are the good ones and then there are some that cost up in the range of thousands of dollars but are a bit more demanding than most users would want. Most reputable zapper sellers offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a three to five year warranty.

So what does all of this have to do with MERS or any epidemic or pandemic? Nothing unless you understand the value of using mild safe low voltage electricity to rip apart microbes without damaging the host organism.

My recommendation is that you should study and make an informed decision. Was John Wesley right? Rife? Crane? Bare? Beck?  If anything, you should remember that most of these individuals were shut down at the behest of the medical profession. Why? Treating with electricity is not profitable. One treatment of chemotherapy nets about $10,000.00 US while a lifetime of zapping can be only a few hundred dollars for a very good unit.

There is a free PDF about "How to Zap" at zapper

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spider bite, worse than the last ones

Last Thursday night, as I was going to bed, I felt a very strong stinging and burning in my right leg just below the calf area. I got back up and turned the light on to find what was obvious to me to be a spider bite.

The bite area was really angry, red, swollen, hard, and painful so I decided to zap. I used my UZI-3 in Mode 1, holding the red paddle over the bite area for 1 hour with my right hand finger tips, left hand holding the green wire ( negative ) paddle.

At the end of an hour, the pain was mostly gone and the swelling appearing to subside. I went to sleep and when I woke up, the area was much improved.

Then, this last Monday, the area started itching a little but I ignored it. Last night, however, it started to burn a little and again felt hard and red. I pulled out the UZI-3 which still had wet paper towels on the paddles because my wife had used it on her infected jaw a little earlier. This time I set it to Mode 4 and zapped only 15 minutes because I was too tired to keep holding it. Definitely improved this morning but I plan to zap it again later.

So, last night, Wednesday, it was still itching and burning so I used the ParaZapper UZI-3 on Mode 6, the MX mode, for a half hour. Again, the itching, stinging, and burning subsided and this morning, it was less inflamed.

What I am getting from this experience is that when zapping a spider bite, it is important to zap for 1 hour continuous, each day for at least 4 or 5 days or until all of the inflammation, redness, and  swelling is gone in order to achieve the full effect.

Also, this experience brings up questions. Is the zapper only killing the microbes that have infected the bite? Or is the zapper actually detoxifying the venom that has been injected? I remember reading on previous cases, that electricity has been used on several occasions to neutralize toxins from things such as snake bites and scorpion stings. It seems that in dire situations, people have used the 12 volt batteries out of vehicles, The spark from a vehicle ignition coil, and in Indonesia, there are people who sit on the electric rails for the commuter trains to eliminate parasites and remove.toxins.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Best Zapper Results

When using any Hulda Clark Zapper, you want the best results. Sadly, there are many sites, each promoting their own claims. 

A good zapper should run off of a 9 volt battery ( AA batteries are alright provided the output is at least 8 or 9 volts ) and should provide an output of 4 ma to a little under 10 ma. It should also provide a good square wave under load showing sharp rises and falling edges. The duty cycle should be 50 percent exact if possible because this is the only duty cycle that reinforces all odd harmonics. If a zapper needs to connect to a power supply or the AC mains, then it is likely not a well designed product.

Note that some zappers claim to provide even harmonics, this is garbage and do not buy from those dealers no matter how many testimonials they provide. 

It is a mathematical description of the square wave, that it is all of the odd harmonics of the fundamental frequency.There are not any exceptions to this law of mathematics: A true square wave contains all of the odd harmonics and no other frequencies.

On a number of occasions, I have been asked why I felt that using copper footpads is helpful to zapping so I drew some pictures to help visualize this effect.

To improve results, many users find that footpads used in the augmentation mode are beneficial and in some cases may double the effectiveness of zapping.

Without Footpads provides only partial coverage.

As seen here, when using paddles only, the positive signal will only be present in the area nearest the positive electrode and weakening as the distance from the positive electrode increases. Using the paddles or pipes is far more effective than using wrist straps is. The wrist straps provide a very low contact area.

Adding Footpads provides a better overall coverage.
When using the footpads in addition to the paddles, the LVPEF zapper signal is more evenly distributed over the body and covers a larger area which is a main reason for increased effectiveness. Doing this also probably helps reduce the risk of the issue known as scattering.

While these images are shown standing, you may sit. You may also sit on the pads if you so desire.

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