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The Electric Cure

The Electric Cure

Can a parasite zapper ( Pulsed Electric Field Device ) actually cure an illness or disease.

Mild Electricity has been used in various ways since before the 1750's in effort to attempt the cure of many illnesses. Published in 1747, John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, wrote in his book, "Primitive Physick", that electricity is "the nearest an universal medicine, of any yet known in the world."

"Primitive Physick" was a guide to simple, safe and effective cures. It contained 900 utilization's and offered cures for over 280 afflictions. The book was so popular that it continued through 32 editions.

Due to his compassion for the poor and chronically ill, John Wesley opened several free clinics in England where he practiced healing without a license from the medical community. In addition to the use of electricity, which he seriously favored, he advocated cold water baths, hot poultices, herb teas, warm lemonade and hygiene. He sounds very much like a Hulda Clark of the old days.

Among his first experiments in the use of electricity for a cure was on himself. John Wesley suffered from neuralgia and lameness as a result of his neuralgia. He started treating himself at the age of about 53 years and described the cure as gradual but certain.

At the age of seventy, he suffered from extreme pain in his left side and shoulder so that he was not able to lift his hand to his face. He had also been experiencing inflammation in his throat and mouth. After getting one of his assistants to electrify him, his pain subsided and he was able to preach that evening.

At about the age of 80, Wesley suffered from a severe chest cold ( cramp ) after riding an open buggy in the cold causing him to develop a deep cough that would not subside. After having to ride again to another location, his chest became tight and he experienced some violent cramps in his legs. He convinced a friend to electrify him and his condition lessened over the next few days.

While John Wesley's experiences are considered anecdotal, they caused him to make several claims during his lifetime, among them, "It seems the Electric Fire in Cases of this kind and of many other Kinds, dilates the minute Vessels, and capillary Passages, as well as separates the clogging Particles of the stagnating Fluids. By accelerating likewise the Motion of the Blood, it removes many Obstructions. " and "I do not know of any remedy under heaven that is likely to do you so much good as the being constantly electrified. But it will not avail unless you persevere therein for some time. ".

Sadly, the medical men of the day despised John Wesley and his work. Does this sound familiar? The worst problem was that he was extremely successful and as a result, he was maligned for practicing medicine and especially for using electricity. In London Magazine of Dec. 1760, Wesley was challenged, "Why do you meddle with electricity?" Wesley replied, "for the same reason I published 'Primitive Physick' - to do as much good as I can.". He also stated 'if society had to wait on the physicians to try electrical healing, society would wait in vain'.

Here we are 260 years later, just now starting to break the ice.

Since the time of John Wesley, John Fell, Miles Partington, John Birch, Tiberius Cavallo, George Adams, Edward Nairne, John Read, Benjamin Martin and James Ferguson, there have been many followers who tried and promoted the use of electricity for healing conditions and curing disease.

In recent history, the names of R.R. Rife, Georges Lakhovski, Bob Beck, Robert O. Becker, and Hulda Clark all stand out as well as many others.

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Parasite Zapping and the Zapper

There has been a number of interesting uses of electricity for healing over the years, among them, the Indonesian Rail Sitters to the simple use of differing metallic substances to produce very small electric currents, such as Perkins Tractors.

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Entelev, CanCell, and Cantron: Yes! Curing cancer since the 1930s

Entelev, CanCell, and Cantron: Not curing cancer since the 1930s

Interesting article that tries to pooh-pooh an alternative therapy for cancer. The only problem is that I have heard from a number of people over the years who have had success with this and other therapies discussed. Additionally, a lot of the discussion that follows illustrates a lot of ignorance that is perpetuated.

The article states "Stomach cancer is, generally speaking, a bad actor. It’s the sort of tumor that’s hard enough to treat even when it’s localized to the stomach, but when it’s metastasized to the liver, as it has in Mr. Mulligan’s case, it’s incurable." So apparently, the author of this line is God and has issued a proclamation that such cancers can not be cured. Either he has not read "Remarkable Recovery" or is possibly just paid to dissuade people from not buying poisons to "cure" their cancer. Again, the author states that this cancer is not curable, so, why do oncologist  charge exhorbitant rates for chemotherapy that make the remainder of people lives completely miserable and almost always shortens it. Sorry, taking poisons is never the answer. It is nothing but pure barbarism.

Regardless, there is a lot of upcoming vindication for Dr. Hulda Clark and several other alternatives such as the zapper.

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