Thursday, April 25, 2013

H7N9 Pandemic, Bird Flu strikes again.

The world health panic leaders are again tooting the panic horn for another potential pandemic. The alarm is screaming at us. I have no doubt that this new virus can be deadly to those who are not prepared to handle it and I am certain that they will soon be selling some kind of vaccination full of terrible toxic chemicals to try to stop the pandemic. The one problem that I have about all of this is that the authorities are hiding the truth for the sake of profit. In 1993, a naturopath (N.D.), namely Dr. Hulda Clark, re-introduced the idea that illness causing organisms could be killed using electricity. She even went as far as stating that electricity could cure cancers. As a result, she was criticized and harassed, continuing to this day, even after her death. Guess what, the FDA recently approved the use of electricity for killing some cancers! The FDA even knows that electricity kills many if not all viruses. So, what does this have to do with H7N9? Much. It was established in the late 1980's and early 1990's that electricity could at the very least, disable HIV as well as other viruses ( this and other studies have been suppressed, but I can provide a copy if you need it ). Yet today, the pharmaceutical industry continues to reap tremendous profits from selling drugs that at the very best, barely work and at the worst, take more lives than they save. Look at how many died from AZT. Back to H7N9. I am probably at greater risk than 99 percent of the US population because, I have my own flock of chickens and this is the most likely source of infection. If the time comes, whenever I feel the first symptoms of any viral infection, I will do the same thing that I have done for the last 13 years. As for the Naysayers, Let them talk bad about Dr. Clark and her methods. Let them ignore the data that shows that these things work very well. Let them wallow in their foolish pride and lack of understanding. In the end, it will become obvious as to who will survive the next pandemic, be it H7N9, H1N3, H5N1, or H32N93-Hutt-Hutt ( humor intended ) and who will not and why it is so. The best way to improve society is through the elimination of ignorance. So, when all is done and told, I, along with those who have learned the truth, will be here to nominate the skeptics and the Clark bashers for the Darwin Award.

To learn more about the Hulda Clark Zapper. visit where they provide over 80 pages of good health information and a free "How to Zap PDF".

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fountain of Youth: Can these two vitamins litterally add years of good health to your life?

With all of the information that abounds trying to tell you that vitamins do not help and might even be harmful, it might make you wonder why take them. In reality, it is likely that people are being deceived in taking cheap ineffective substitutes, thinking that they are real vitamins. This one article tells about two vitamins in the proper forms and just one of these can produce a 90 percent reduction in mortality for certain people, if not for every one. Can these two vitamins save your life?

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Zappers and electro-therapy to become mainstream

There have been new studies on using electrical pulses as a cure for cancer and the FDA has approved one specific to treat certain brain cancers. There are numerous studies in process. For additional information on zappers see: Zapper

A good source of information is:

Zappers can be found at :

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ParaZapper UZI proof is in the pictures

There has been a lot of controversy over the UZI and it is time for a ParaZapper UZI Review to show how extensive the lies are that some competitors go to. The data and pictures shown provide substantial support to the fact that the UZI is superior to the competition. The newest model, ParaZapper UZI-3 is even better.

You may want to review the following:

The ParaZapper UZI series have Pedestal Offset that is better than just Positive offset.
They also offer a true square wave with a very accurate 50 percent duty cycle 
The ParaZapper UZI series has a 10.5 volt output without using unsafe wall adapters.
The frequencies are also very accurate when compared to obsolete zappers such as the Ultimate Zapper
The UZI and UZI-2 offer 6 modes of operation and a total of 23 frequencies, while
The UZI-3 offers 8 modes of operation with a total of 41 frequencies.
The UZI is made with quality components on a high quality circuit board and rugged construction.

ParaZapper MY, UZI-3, and CC-2 as well as other ParaZapper zappers are now available at .

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