Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zapper works for many things because ...

 At http://paradevices.com, there is a booklet with the title of "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper" that discusses a wide range of topics in regards to zapping, which is the use of electric pulses to kill microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, mold, fungi, and possibly even many virus forms as well.

It is completely strange to me that the FDA pooh poohs this idea while having at the same time, published a white paper on the use of electricity to kill microbes in juices, milk, water, etc.

Historically, electricity has been used for healing to some extent in crude form for over two thousand years. There is even evidence that electricity was used by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and others even believe that the Baghdad Battery was being used for some curative purpose. In the late 1870's, a rediscovery was made in regards to using electricity as an aid to healing. These devices, called Medical Electric Batteries, flourished and we available from many sources in the late 1800's and early 1900's. You could find these devices in Montgomery Wards, Sears, Rexall Drugs, and many other places.

In the Early 1930's, the was a more serious effort started in the use of electricity to help fight disease. Among the proponents of this effort was Royal Raymond Rife and by the Mid 1930's, he was widely acclaimed for having discovered the existence of the virus and linking it to cancer, as well as demonstrating that electricity could be used to destroy virus particles and to help cure cancer as well.

Despite having provided documentation and demonstrating these functions, in 1936, the AMA and government agencies went after Dr. Rife, confiscating much of his work. A short time later, his lab was broken into and much valuable equipment was destroyed or carried off. Simultaneously, the Medical Electric Batteries disappeared off of store shelves and from catalogs. Anything that used electricity for health purposes was labeled as 'quack' or "snake oil" and those who used such devices were not only prosecuted, but were persecuted.

Today, we know that there are valuable uses of electricity as an aid to healing, such as TENS units and MENS. The public was deprived of these technologies for over 50 years by the medical profession because they were not as profitable as prescription drugs were.

In the 1950's, a few brave individuals, such as Dr. Robert O. Becker, started fresh research into the use of electricity for killing microbes, bone healing, regeneration of lost tissue. and even anesthesia. Dr. Becker published two books on these topics and the first was "Body Electric", followed by "Cross Currents". Both books are outstanding reading.

While there were also a number of other people who did important work over the years, in the early 1990's Dr. Bob Beck introduced a device called the Bob Beck Blood Electrifier (BBBE), one form of which was patented and shown to kill the AIDS virus in contaminated blood. As far as I know, the Red Cross and other blood banks still refuse to use the technology. The BBBE was refined so that an individual could apply the electrodes to the body and use it to cleanse the blood of bacteria and viral particles. This adapted form was never approved by the FDA and Dr. Beck was harassed for his work.

Dr. Beck was followed by Dr. Hulda Clark who developed along with her son a device known simply as the zapper. This device was reported to help eliminate many detrimental parasites from the body, this improving health. Since its introduction, the FDA and the FTC have persecuted and where possible prosecuted the individuals and companies who manufactured and / or sold these devices.

This persecution was even true in the case of Dr. Robert Thiel, who did the only study on the zapper that has ever been published. This study, while not perfect, did show the definite potential that the zapper worked. For more information, see: http://hulda-clark-quack.com/huldaclarkzapperworks.html.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zapping Basal Cell Cancer

In 2006, I found a lesion on my left temple and realized that it was basal cell skin cancer and went to the skin doctor. I was diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer. They did a biopsy, which came back positive. A few weeks later, there appeared 3 satellite lesions around the original lesion. The doctor would not remove them at the time that he did the mohs surgery on the original lesion as he wanted to do biopsies on each one, so I decided to go an alternative path. Having heard that the zapper could make warts and moles fall off, I used my ParaZapper MX from www.paradevices.com to see if it would get rid of the lesions. When I applied the electrode and turned it on, there was some mild stinging / burning at the site but this soon subsided. I used the zapper for a few days and the burning and stinging went completely away as did the lesions.

I did have 2 new lesions appear at different times and locations within the next year but they were easily zapped away and I have not had any further appearances in the last 10 years.

Call for research at Basal Cell Skin Cancer
Due to FDA actions, since 2006, PataZapper ™ products are not sold at paradevices.com but there is a good 80 page zapper book, "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper" and there are some different ParaZapper ™ models available at huldaclarkparazapper.com .

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