Saturday, August 27, 2011

Toothache gone in a couple of hours, Abscess swelling reduced.

Woke up this morning with an abscessed molar in my left upper jaw. It was quite swollen and painful. From past experience, I knew what to do. I pulled out my ParaZapper, turned it on, and zapped away for a full cycle. Note that for a long time, my favorite was the ParaZapper MX but now I mostly use the ParaZapper UZI-3 zapper from .

A cycle in the UZI ( mode 1 ) lasts for 28 minutes and should be repeated at least 3 times in a row with about 20 minute resting sessions in between. With the newer UZI-3, mode 1 has more frequencies and runs for 1 hour, however, it is not necessary to repeat 3 times. Also, I always wrap the copper electrodes in a layer of white paper towel that has been soaked in salt water.

Zapping an abscessed tooth is not new and I have done it several times in the past. I will note here, that zapping does not remove the original cause of the abscess, but it does seem to somehow aid in the alleviation of the infection, pain, and swelling that tends to occur.

Simply put, the zapper, especially multi-frequency zappers, kills microbes such as bacteria that may cause infections. This of course is only my opinion and feelings.

Well back to the zapper and thanks for reading.



A couple of days have passed and I am here to update some info and results.

I started out on Mode 1 of the UZI but switched over to Mode 4. I did not feel as if I was getting as good of results as I was with Mode 1 so I switched back to Mode 1 on the MX, and while it was doing better, I decided to get some antibiotics. By the time that I got to the dentist on Monday, the swelling was down by about 50 percent. The next day, today, it was almost completely gone.

I feel that the zapper and antibiotics together are a good combination even though either will probably work on its own.



Yesterday, July 17, 2013, I developed a raging toothache at the root of one of my upper back molars on the right side of my jaw. It turned quite painful and by the end of the day, it was bad enough that I developed chills and a fever. The pain got to be about a 9 out of 10. It is quite likely that I was developing a severe sepsis condition and it would have take antibiotics at least a day or two to have a significant effect. I did take one aspirin, 325 mg, about 8:00 PM.

This time, I decided to try one of our new zappers, the CC2, just to see what effect it would have in comparison to the MX and the UZI. I used mode 5 and only with the copper paddles, green wire paddle in my left hand, red wire paddle was held against the upper right jaw, just below the cheek bone.. I started zapping at 12:14 Am this morning as that was when I crawled into bed.

It was amazing. About 12:32 AM, I felt the pressure easing and the pain also decreased. By 12:45, I was feeling more relaxed and at 12:48, I turned off the zapper and went to sleep. When I awoke this morning, I felt better but there was still some noticeable pressure and pain, I would say it is about a 3 on a 10 point scale. Imagine something so powerful that in only 34 minutes time, can kill so many microbes that the difference can be felt.

What I will say about this experience is that, at least in my case, the zapper can have a definite impact on the pain and swelling of a tooth ache or abscess. It is not, however, a cure. The tooth is still damaged and certainly needs repair. Also, the CC2, mode 5 needs a full 70 minutes of zapping time in order to have a full effect. I used the zapper for less than the required time and actually only received half of the provided frequencies. That aside, I am good and ready to be back working. I will probably zap again later today.

Since this time, I have used the CC2 in mode 1 for one hour straight with great results. For that reason, I may just use mode 1 in the future.

As a note, there is a newer model, ParaZapper MY-3 which has many more modes, many more frequencies, and is far more precise.

Also, please visit the page Dental Repair and Tooth Regrowth is Possible


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  1. Amazing! This product is very promising. I'd like to know more about especially its features and of course, the price. :)

    1. Interestingly, the devices that I mention are not sold for use on humans or animals. In my case, I chose to use them "off-label" as I described and am reporting my experiences which may or may not be the same as someone else may have.

      You can find the currently available devices at .

      The only thing sold at is a booklet, "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper".

      Additional information is also posted at .

    2. The website moved to

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